is a public television network serving the U.S. state of Massachusetts. It is owned by the University of Massachusetts five-campus public university system and is co-owned and operated by EXCL Communications, the public broadcasting division of one of the world's biggest television station management companies, Berfield/Willis Broadcast Corporation. UMass and EXCL hold the licenses for all but one of the thirteen PBS member television stations licensed in the state--WKWT DT.2 is owned by Wayside School in Wayside, Massachusetts and is staffed by students, staff, and Principal Kidswatter.

The broadcast signals of the twelve television stations cover all of the state, as well as parts of the Northeastern United States, Canada, and the rest of New England. The network's operations are located at 175 Kimball Street in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and the transmitter for main UMA-TV station, WUMB, channel 3, is located off Pleasant Street in West Bridgewater.

UMA-TV's stations are available on cable and satellite providers in areas where PBS affiliate(s) are not available.




The state network produces many programs of local interest, including the weeknightly public affairs program Massachusetts Now, Our State, Massachusetts Outdoor Journal, Exploring Massachusetts, Massachusetts Bookwatch with Lisa De Leeuw, and special programs about the state's history and culture. It also produces The Woodwright's Shop for national distribution. In addition to PBS and American Public Television programs and local productions, the station also runs British comedies on Saturday evenings and the BBC soap opera EastEnders on Sunday evenings. The network has a mascot for it's "UMA-TV Just for Kids" programming, Read-a-Roo, who has a local program called "Hey Roo!" featuring her starring alongside local New England kids. Read-a-Roo is played by Tina Vertucci (who started off playing Jenna for The Bozo Show for WDOSP) wearing a puppet suit using technology developed by Ken Forsse, the creator of Teddy Ruxpin.


WUMB's transmitter is located off Pleasant Street in West Bridgewater.

WUNM's transmitter is located atop The Regency in New Bedford.

WUSM's transmitter is located off Route 75 in Agawam near Six Flags New England.

WUWM's transmitter is located atop the Sky Mark Tower.

WUFM's transmitter is located in the Laurel Bank Conservation Area near Fitchburg and Lunenburg.

WUWS's transmitter is located off I-90 in West Stockbridge.


Station Location CH. First air date
WUMB Boston, MA 3 May 7, 1959
WUNM New Bedford, MA/Providence, RI 16 Febuary 26, 1963
WUSM Springfield, MA 42 June 18, 1967
WUWM Worcester, MA 56 September 20, 1980
WUFM Fitchburg, MA/Leominster, MA 1 April 10, 1982
WUWS West Stockbridge, MA/Columbia County, NY 8 January 1, 1986