Hyper Network
Hyper Network 2018


Television Network


United States


June 23, 1976


Inverting America


San Francisco, CA


Hyper Holdings


Hyper Television Group

Launch date


Picture format

1080p (HDTV)
480i (4:3 SDTV)

Callsign meaning

HYPER represents Higher, Young, Positive, Energy and Redefining

The Hyper Network (normally known as Hyper, unofficially called as HYN) is an American commercial broadcasting television network. Created in 1976 as PolyGram Network, a part of PolyGram America Film Corporation (now Hyper Pictures), Hyper Network is owned by Hyper Holdings and is part of the Hyper Television Group. Corporate headquarters are in San Francisco.


Behind the Creation

In 1975, PolyGram in USA was proposed to create a Television network which is using the PolyGram media libraries like musics, movies and shows. The FCC was approved the proposal.


The Change

In 1994, Due to PolyGram was dropped the venture and the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) signed to deal to itself, PolyGram Network was renamed as Hyper Network to the makeover of the television programs:

  • Morning Today was renamed as Morning Wide as Korean Version.
  • PolyGram 8 O'clock News was rebranded and renamed as Hyper News 8 and adopted the graphics from SBS but they were modified by itself.

Viewers may considered Hyper Network too "Asian-centric" to America, Until 2018, when it had a major rebrand, it would have scrapped the name as entering the new administration.

In 2015, Hyper Network was adopted the programs from Thai TV production company Workpoint Entertainment, due to Workpoint signed the deal to it.

Technology Revolution

In 2014, Hyper Network was the America's first television network that using 4K technology which is used to produces for Ultra HD television.

The New affiliate

In 2014, Hyper Holdings was sold Texas Television Network from KIVO Television Group (now a part of Fortner Digital Media Properties) to become the new State-wide network in Texas with the modified branding of the parent network.

In 2015, Trinidad and Tobago Telvision (ttt) was revived by Hyper Television Group until 2018 as the real TTT revived.


  • Let Us Be The One on PolyGram (1976-1977)
  • Are Be there! (1994-1995) (Based in SBT's "Aqui Tem" from 1992)
  • If American's Young, Hyper is Here! (1995-1996)
  • HYPER (1996-1997) (An 10-second promo format that similar Network Ten from 1989)
  • Millennium will be Hyper. (2000-2001)
  • The Trusted Network. (2001-2004)
  • The greatest thing. (2004-2005)
  • Welcome Home (2009-2015)
  • View More (2015-2018)
  • Inverting America (2018-present)



  • Hyper Daybreak
  • Hyper News Afternoon
  • Hyper News Tonight
  • Hyper News Midnight




City/State Station Number Launched affiliated Since Owner
Pearl City, Seminole CRHYP-DT 11 December 1985 1985 Hyper O&O
Portville, Oreconsin DNPOR-DT 24 February 1st, 1980 1985 Hyper O&O
Inkopolis IHYS 7 2015 2015 Hyper O&O
Lubbock, Texas KBDZ 50 December 9, 1983 2015 Hyper O&O
Yuma, Arizona/El Centro, California KHIV 3 1970 1985 Hyper O&O
Missoula, MT KHMT 49 1995 2015 Hyper O&O
West Palm Beach, FL KHTS 20 1970 1981 Hyper O&O
Houston, TX KHTX 4 1949 2015 Hyper O&O
Benton, AR KHYB 15 1968 1985 Hyper O&O
Twin Falls, ID KHYP 62 1968 1976 Hyper O&O
Kansas City, MS KHYT 18 1960 1981 Hyper O&O
Amarillo, TX KOZA 22 1979 1985 Hyper O&O
Spokane, WA KSWA 5 1967 1985 Hyper O&O
Los Angeles, CA KUCV 32 1985 1989 Hyper O&O
Oklahoma City, OK KWC 15 1947 1971(As experimental network called TK-TV)
Hyper O&O
Tokyo City, Kanto PHYP 15 1976 1979 Hyper O&O
Pittsburgh, PA WCKF 19 1948 1985 Hyper O&O
Ponyville/Appleloosa, EQ WFDF 29 1999 2008 Hyper O&O
San Juan, PR WHSJ 30 1968 1985 Hyper O&O
Haley Top, ST WHTS 5 1970 2015 Hyper O&O
San Francisco, CA WHYP 5 1970 1976 Hyper O&O
Lakeland, FL WKCC 67 1965 1985 Hyper O&O
Burlington, Vermont
Plattsburgh, New York
WMFV 35 2005 2005 Hyper O&O
Mentor, OH WRES 7 1971 1976 Sunbeam Television