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Channel Kidswatter


Wayside, MA


We are Wayside School's choice!


Independent, Discovery Family, PBS

First air date

July 6th, 2003


Wayside School



Analog: 1 (VHF)
Digital: 1 (UHF)


Mr. Kidswatter

Former channel number


Broadcasting manager

Mrs. Jewels


1.1 - Channel Kidswatter HD
1.2 - WKWT DT2 (PBS)
1.3 - WKWT Horror
1.4 - WKWT Newswatch
1.5 - Create
1.6 - V-Me
1.7 - PBS World
1.8 - KIDSwatterKIDS

WKWT, more commonly known as Channel Kidswatter is a student television station at Wayside School in Wayside, Massachusetts. Run by students, staff, and Mr. Kidswatter himself, Channel Kidswatter airs programming produced by (and geared toward) students, along with shopping programs. The station also airs programming from NTTV (North Texas Television), Discovery Family, and PBS.

Channel Kidswatter Productions


Kidswatter Eyewitness News

Kidswatter Eyewitness News is the student-produced newscast that airs everyday, there are versions of the Kidswatter Eyewitness News:

  • Kidswatter Eyewitness News Early Edition
  • Kidswatter Eyewitness News Morning Edition
  • Kidswatter Eyewitness News Afternoon Edition
  • Kidswatter Eyewitness News Noon Edition

Currently Produced Programming

Wheels Extreme

Wheels Extreme is a sports show hosted by Maurecia, it is focused on her stunts with Jenny, and it also coverages motorsports events in the town, and the Monster Jam events at the Wayside Track and Field Park at the school (since the school has a deal with the USHRA that allows Monster Jam events at the track and field park).

Brad and a Guy

Brad and a Guy (formerly called Brad and a Guy Called Drive Properly) is a comedy sitcom show about the adventures of two room-mates (a half-man half-bear puppet called Drive Properly and Brad, Bert from Sesame Street's nephew) who start running a "Fish 'N Chips" restaurant in a small cozy town in Massachusetts. After episode 9 of the first season, Channel Kidswatter got in legal troubles with Sesame Workshop, but the legal troubles got solved and now the text "Brad the Sesame Street Muppet courtesy of Sesame Workshop" has been in the credits of every episode until season 2, where it was changed to "Brad's style with legal permission of Sesame Workshop". It is produced by the Wayside Puppet Club with the puppets built by Creature Clones, and the settings and backdrops built and made by the Wayside Art Club.


  • "Your TV station for Wayside School" (2003-2007)
  • "Kidswatter is Fantastic!" (Mid 2007)
  • "We are Wayside School's choice!" (2007-present)
  • "Be more, WKWT, Wayside's Public Television" (2009-present, Only for DT2)