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K-field27 K-field27 12 days ago



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Jkkjjjjjjiji Jkkjjjjjjiji 31 May

I'm going to stop sockpuppets and stop

I'm Peyton dodson and I will stop my past actions look bad to you guys I see so I will stop effective immediately yes

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I'm going to stop sockpuppets

Yes I give up I'm going to switch sides to help DiamondSteelWolf360 and RVandres to stop SWPTulsaOK

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Yoshilikeapples Yoshilikeapples 5 May

Still creating...

I'm still editing the articles:



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CubenRocks CubenRocks 19 April

TVbD textures

Currently, I've been giving my TV station logos, TVbD-inspired look.

But for the 1990s to 2000s, how can I get the textures that they used from? Where is the textures? Is the textures remake-able or not?

Let me know if you found the TVbD textures.

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Ethan Llamas Ethan Llamas 2 March

Central O&O lower thirds package

Inspired from the ABN stations Lower Thirds Request Line blog, I've put on these lower thirds up for the Central O&Os since March 2018. These are based off of a design used by WFAA when they went HD.

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Madelinefan149 Madelinefan149 25 February

This wiki needs better quality control...

So uhh... just recently, I discovered about 38 or so pages with no content at all and some of these were made ages ago. I don't like that. Anyways, I just wanted to say that this wiki has really terrible quality control from my perspective. Yes, I am aware that this is a fanon wiki, but this wiki seriously needs better quality control.

  1. First off, any page that contains less than "X is an affiliate of Y", it is broadcasted on Z and owned by A should be a candidate for deletion if it's over two weeks old. You can find quite a few of them in the "Short pages" special page. Yes, some pages are 0 bytes, which is just sad.
  2. Needing more admins is a desperate need for this wiki as RebaFan25 (the only admin active as far as I know) isn't really active…

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ShowMeTheMoney2007 ShowMeTheMoney2007 9 February

Hello, Everyone

Hello, SMTM2007, I am just doing a blog test,

I hope y'all are having a good day.

Thank you!

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Ethan Llamas Ethan Llamas 4 February

Some benefits and pros on SVG

Yes, this is a similar post from Lazy and half-assed wiki page edits and station logos and Half-assing TV logos, but I'm specifically going into the SVGs; only short though (despite the darn title).

An abbreviation for Scalable Vector Graphics, they're defined in a vector graphics format and stored in XML text files. SVG images can thus be scaled in size without loss of quality, and SVG files can be searched, indexed, scripted, and compressed.

SVG is composed on shapes, and when scaled, it is still preserved.

  • Inkscape (the most)
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Powerpoint

I myself use Inkscape, and to be fair, I also have the most SVG uploads so far. So, good day guys, and... if you found me on Discord, go on ahead.

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DiamondSteelWolf360 DiamondSteelWolf360 2 February

Lazy and half-assed wiki page edits and station logos

(Before I begin this page, I gotta give credit to BJFRacing14 for the original material that most elements are used, borrowed from, and/or copied verbatim. Apologies if I pissed you off by using some of your material in this, Billy.)

This has always been a pet peeve of mine since I first joined this wiki. For starters, the general information about the certain station(s) in question, and some of the logos (most likely edited in MS Paint or summat.)

I understand that this is a wiki about fictional television stations, but the least you can do is try to make a decent job of making your station logos and writing the proper information needed to make your station's pages look "professional", per se. My job, as a proud contributor to this wiki, is…

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Artie Knight YT Artie Knight YT 24 January

This community is going downhill

Someone marked my "PBS Adults" page for deletion like a prick, when I broke none of the guidelines. Not liking me or my political views OUTSIDE OF THIS WIKI is not a reason to try to get rid of my hard work. Also the person who did it was unprofessional and said it in lazy slang. If you don't like me, just block me and leave me alone instead of purging my work. I am now archiving all the pages I made on this wiki to the Wayback Machine so nothing you do can impact me. I've done nothing wrong so if you want to harass me, I'll gladly accommodate you.

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BJFRacing14 BJFRacing14 17 January

Damn, y'all. I can't do it.

Somebody else is gonna have to take over ABN and all aspects of the network as well as ownership of the affiliates. I can't do it anymore. I've been dealing with my real life far more than I could ever devote to this Fandom. Sorry, y'all. I'm turning 34 and I got a lot more things down the pike that I'd like to devote on my own and this isn't one of them. I can't devote every day to making new ABN pages, logos, templates, etc. I just can't do it, man. I'm sorry if that doesn't fit your mold of keeping up with everybody on Fandom sites like this. I have been away from this Fandom for close to two years having dealt with a bit of depression, much of it due to the stress of COVID-19, the election, and where we stand now. I just don't think Fi…

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Markos56 Markos56 26 October 2021

Notice about the Qubo channels

A Notice to Our Viewers from the Fictional Corus Entertainment

Beginning November 1st, 2021, Qubo’s international services will cease operations, and all services will shut down at midnight on November 2nd, 2021. This comes after Corus was notified from USTV Networks, Inc, owner of the LSN diginet. USTV announced a major channel license purchase from Corus on October 1st, 2021, to take effect October 30, 2021. USTV would purchase the Qubo licenses, and Corus would keep the Ion Plus/Life licenses after the purchase.

On November 2nd, 2021, Qubo will be shut down internationally and be replaced by the following channels:

  • LSN UK
  • LSN Europe
  • LSN Asia
  • LSN Australia
  • LSN NZ

Qubo LA and Qubo Canada will not be shutdown, however. LSN is available through mul…

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MilkshakeMan27 MilkshakeMan27 6 October 2021

WEKT to add weekend evening newscasts!

WEKT will debut weekend evening newscasts beginning on the weekend of October 16. The station is a CBS affiliate and serves eastern Kentucky, licensed to the city of Prestonsburg. Currently, newscasts air at the following times on weekdays:

  • 5 a.m.
  • 6 a.m.
  • 6 p.m.
  • 11 p.m.

Channel 5 was recently sold to Confection Broadcasting. We are excited to expand this station's news operation; stay tuned for later developments!

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SWPTulsaOK SWPTulsaOK 29 September 2021

My Pax articles

As of March 9, 2021, I have been making Pax affiliated stations that are real Ion affiliates on real television stations.

To see more, check out the articles; List of Pax affiliates by images, & Pax.

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Ryneh Abueva Ryneh Abueva 7 August 2021

Kanal Dizi/News Program Title Cards

Good evening, everyone! I don't really have an idea for writing a new article. For this post, I'm making a picture gallery of news programs of Kanal Dizi. Basically, all title cards of the programs were the same but different in color shades.

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Ryneh Abueva Ryneh Abueva 28 July 2021

Kanal Dizi/Ending Credits with Logo

Good morning, guys! This is the following ending credits shown mostly in Kanal Dizi. It appears after the episode followed its logo animation.

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Ryneh Abueva Ryneh Abueva 17 July 2021

Kanal Dizi/TV Branding

Good evening, once again! This is my created TV branding of "Kanal Dizi"

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Ryneh Abueva Ryneh Abueva 17 July 2021

Question: What photo editing software did you usually use for your TV station logos?

Since my first day in FTVS, I got hooked on the television station logos and they're so amazing to look at. I edit most of my programs' title cards and channel logo on Canva every day using my own creativity. I'm just wondering and asked "what photo editing software did you use all the time or most of the time and post them on your articles?". Hopefully, this will be replied with answers. God bless, everyone and thank you! More power FTVS always.

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Numberblocks459 Numberblocks459 14 July 2021

I Have A Dream

I have a dream that I will make the 200,000th edit on this wiki and become famous.

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Ryneh Abueva Ryneh Abueva 13 July 2021

Kanal Dizi/Program Title Cards

This is actually my very first blog post since the time I created "Kanal Dizi" TV channel article and its programs. Most of the program title cards I've created, were usually drama shows and often created program title cards for news and others. For this post, I'm going to post the gallery of some program title cards (incl. idents), in which I created myself since first day until now.

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Radioman337 Radioman337 19 May 2021

Watson Broadcasting

Watson Broadcasting was just created! Looking to be an affiliate? Just tell me!

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SiriusAboutTV SiriusAboutTV 18 May 2021

This wiki is amazing!

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Ethan Llamas Ethan Llamas 23 April 2021

KQXW logo proposals

So, recently, Rebafan25 requested me to do a logo for KQXW (in another Wiki). Here are my proposals:

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Jonofdoom Jonofdoom 6 March 2021

A Rare Callout.

Howdy folks,

Now, I don't write stuff like this for anything other than announcements from myself, but this has been getting out of hand.

Someone, who shall remain nameless, has been editing the schedules on pages that are owned by me, as well as many others, without permission. One example, is KMCK. It has a schedule, which lists what programs are offered on said channel. Now lately, a user has been going onto said schedule and editing it, replacing program names with others that I never put on there.

You see, when an article that you've edited on is edited by someone else, Fandom sends an email to previous editors telling that there's a new edit. I get these emails a lot, since I used to edit on another wiki. But it also means I get alerted…

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Jonofdoom Jonofdoom 22 February 2021

Announcing H Channel!

From the mind of me, Lake Hill Broadcasting announces the launch of a new and exciting network made for the roaring 20s, H Channel! Inspired by "A Channel" in Canada, H Channel is designed for the Millennials and Gen Z, with an exciting mix of entertainment, sports, news, and so much more. The network will be based in Chicago, with additional studios in New York. Indianapolis, and Las Vegas. More details will be announced soon. Interested in affiliating with H Channel? You can do so!

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Ethan Llamas Ethan Llamas 14 February 2021

Sinclair News Opens templates

Well, there is good news for everyone here... I have made some news open graphics, again. This time, being some Sinclair opens. Here is the link where you'll see it:

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Ethan Llamas Ethan Llamas 3 January 2021

WTTX's new news opens prior to ownership by The Pierre Péladeau Company

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KMFStudios KMFStudios 8 November 2020

My map of some countries from this wiki

I noticed nobody made a map of Dahrconia, St. Lawrence, or the Mushroom Kingdom, so I did one.

Note that the Mushroom Kingdom is listed as an US Territory because it uses "W" callsigns.

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Jonofdoom Jonofdoom 14 October 2020

Lake Hill's New standardized package!

Lake Hill Broadcasting has been one of the fastest growing groups here, making such an impact in my short time here. And now, Lake Hill Broadcasting has done it again, creating a new standardized graphics package for the group! If fandom's new software would let me show you the pictures of the package, I would show it. Right now, the graphics package has rolled out to WALA, who just debuted a new set on October 12th. We have also rolled it out to our Alaska properties, and soon, it will roll out to the rest of our stations. The Lower Third on our new graphics package was just a test in an off air test on our Alaska properties. That has since been replaced with a clean lower thirds. Let me know what you think! It should be somewhere in the …

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Ethan Llamas Ethan Llamas 10 October 2020

About the CTN branding conflict

Recently, I recieved a message from BJFRacing14, when he said about the known "CTN" conflict between Quebecor Media's Central Television Network (both are mine) and Sabana Global Broadcast Services' Canadian Television Network (CTN). It was said when Quebecor said about the branding of their CTN on my created SCC (Supreme Court of Canada) case Quebecor v. Sabana, they immediately admitted they always put the words "Central Television Network" always on the bottom of their logos, but still, the case wasn't resolve for the next 20 years (until 2014 when Quebecor CEO Pierre Karl Péladeau planned to make a new logo by mid-2016), but at the very least though, both CTNs got great relations to each other by the following year when they had a confe…

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Weather1 Weather1 11 September 2020

Sale of Berfield/Willis

Hello. I realize that I can no longer spend time here, so as a result, I am putting all assets of Berfield/Willis Broadcasting Corporation up for sale. Anyone that is interested may take the company as a whole, or in pieces. First come first serve.

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Jonofdoom Jonofdoom 4 September 2020

Lake Hill is selling KRDS


Lake Hill Broadcasting has decided to sell KRDS, which serves Sitka, Alaska. The sale does not include a the journalist team of 3 based at the station, as well as the building, because Lake Hill plans to retain the team and building to cover the area using a new station. We prefer to trade this station in exchange for another.

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Amauryen17 Amauryen17 8 August 2020

Profile picture changed lol

Hey guys, just changed my profile picture. It's an earth!!!

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Amauryen17 Amauryen17 27 July 2020

Bottoms and Ipock fight

Hey, so Mayor Bottoms and Principal Ipock were fighting after she stopped her from texting and driving.

If you see her, please call 911.


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The EAS Mapper The EAS Mapper 21 June 2020

Weekly Update 1: 15-21 June 2020

Welcome to my new blog! The official blog for all things related to me and Best Television.

So, let's get moving!

  • 1 FERDLZ99 Hacked!
  • 2 The Comedy Theory
  • 3 New Schedule!
  • 4 Sport Catchup, including Bitesize and In The Week
  • 5 Closing

FERDLZ99 was hacked overnight, by someone unknown. First changing the name to Ferdelx11, it was then changed to Ferdream8 in fear of the Ferdelx11 account being hacked as well. We could be hacked at any stage too.

The Comedy Theory is Best Television's latest show, showing at 8:30PM every day on Best One, and a double episode every weekend at 4AM on Best Two. Run time (per episode): 30 min. Rating: MA 15+ (Australia), 16 (NZ) for Coarse Language, Adult Themes and S*xual Refrences. Genre: Adult Animation.

Conciding with the sta…

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Jonofdoom Jonofdoom 20 May 2020

Looking for more stations to buy

Hello! After a bit of a leave I am back and ready to continue on here! With that, I’m looking to purchase a few stations to expand Lake Hill. If you have a station you don’t need anymore, tell me by replying. I look forward to your replies.

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SpartanRadiocastingFan SpartanRadiocastingFan 3 May 2020

New Graphics Package.......

From the mind of SpartanRadiocastingFan, I have created a mock graphics package, inspired by Linear Drift's fantastic work! This package, is what I will call the KRBK/WSYR/KTVX hybrid package! It may sorta look like Nexstar, but any non-NMG station can use it for its on-air news identity, regardless of station ownership!

Here are some of the samples of the package. Please note, it's still a work in progress, so bare with me!

Feel free to chime in, I encourage welcomed constructive criticism!

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Weather1 Weather1 25 April 2020

Berfield/Willis Sale - Stage 3

Same rules as before. Take as many as you like!

  • KDGS 14 Independent Sierra Vista/Douglas AZ (sold to User:Logomaster210)
  • KFUF-TV 21 MNT Chico/Redding CA (sold to User:Kruejac)
  • KRON 4 DBC San Francisco CA
  • KGGB 30 MundoDBC San Francisco CA
  • KGNR 10 UPN El Paso TX (sold to User:Kruejac)
  • KTTX 69 MNT El Paso TX (sold to User:Kruejac)
  • KHBE-TV 4 Independent Hot Springs AR (sold to User:Logomaster210)
  • KHEM 11 Telemundo Santa Fe/Albuquerque NM
  • KVVE 50 Univision Albuquerque/Santa Fe NM
  • KHNC-TV 11 Independent Honolulu HI (sold to User:Kruejac)
  • KIIX 56 Independent San Fiero SA
  • KSFE 5 CBS San Fiero SA
  • KIMS 18 Import Seattle WA (sold to User:Logomaster210)
  • KLCN 34 RDN Lincoln NE
  • KLEG 9 TNT Great Bend/Hays KS
  • KDZA 67 JWTV Flagstaff AZ
  • KCVA 9 RDN Bakersfield CA
  • KBKF 42 Telemundo B…
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Logomaster210 Logomaster210 23 April 2020

IM BACK & some news and other things

Yep, im back. Its been a long time since im not editing majorly here.

I have seen new users and thank you for contributing alot to this wiki.

Today, I can buy and sell stations from Trinome Media, my fictional tv company.

To all Filipinos there, major TV networks here doesnt exist. We are still thinking how can we make the major tv networks canon. But as of today, make them as non canon for now.

Thank you and long time no see guys!

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Weather1 Weather1 22 April 2020

Berfield/Willis Sale - Stage 2

Additional stations for sale. Same rules as before. Take as many as you like!

  • KKXT 6 NBC San Luis Obispo CA (Sold to User:GCServerNetwork)
  • KAWA 4 Independent Dallas TX (Sold to User:AestheticEthan)
  • KBJE 43 CW Monroe LA
  • KBJN 43 JWTV Phoenix AZ
  • KLEG 9 TNT Great Bend/Hays KS (Sold to User:Logomaster210)
  • KRHKZ 1 YesNet San Antonio TX
  • KQXS 67 UniMas San Antonio TX (Sold to User:GCServerNetwork)
  • KYMA-TV 38 MundoDBC Yuma/El Centro CA AZ
  • KCJT 65 UniMas Yuma/El Centro CA AZ (Sold to User:GCServerNetwork)
  • KUVJ-TV 26 Univision Yuma/El Centro CA AZ (Sold to User:GCServerNetwork)
  • KCBI 69 YesNet Yuma/El Centro CA AZ (Sold to User:Logomaster210)
  • KCGY-TV 23 MundoDBC Lubbock TX
  • WTSI 54 MundoDBC New Orleans LA
  • KCNF 5 UniMas Fresno CA (Sold to User:GCServerNetwork)
  • KUVF 50 Uni…
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Jonofdoom Jonofdoom 22 April 2020

Information about Newsfix

Hello! As you may have noticed, Lake Hill Broadcasting has started Newsfix, a new 24/7 news network launched in February. As such, we are looking for affiliates. This can be on a subchannel or main channel. Branding is easy, and can be done in minutes. Interested in affiliating? Let me know below!

Thank you!

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Weather1 Weather1 18 April 2020

Stations for Sale from Berfield/Willis Broadcast Corporation - Stage 1

The following stations owned by Berfield/Willis Broadcast Corporation are for sale on a first come, first serve basis. Stations can be claimed in the comment box below. This is stage 1 of a multi-stage sale of multiple stations by Berfield/Willis. Stay tuned for additional acquisition opportunities

  • WALA 10 Fox Ridgecrest, AL (Sold to Lake Hill Broadcasting)
  • KCAK 7 Argosy Network Cicely, AK (Sold to Lake Hill Broadcasting)
  • KAGC 5 NBC Anchorage, AK (Sold to Lake Hill Broadcasting)
  • KAKQ 3 American Broadcast Network Anchorage, AK (Sold to Lake Hill Broadcasting)
  • KRDS 14 Rainbow Dash Network Sitka, AK (Sold to Lake Hill Broadcasting)
  • KAHC 13 YesNet Phoenix, AZ
  • KMCK 17 CW Phoenix, AZ (Sold to MediaCast, LLC/Lake Hill Broadcasting)
  • KAZQ-TV 12 Independent Phoenix…
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SpartanRadiocastingFan SpartanRadiocastingFan 16 April 2020

Fictional DMA maps!

Well, I've haven't done that many blog posts for a while, but however it has occurred to me that I should design DMA maps for fictional markets, and decided to give it my best shot. My first DMA map that I have created, is for the Decalburg market. It goes beyond the inner area and the market not just serves Decalburg anymore, but it also serves Reeseville, which is the county seat of....... Resetti County! It also serves Onley, Goomba City, and Fuerza Carranza!

By seeing the map, the Decalburg/Reeseville/Goomba City/Onley/Fuerza Carranza designated market area serves 23 counties!

Since WLAL is the NBC affiliate of the DMA, it would mirror real-life station WRAL in the NC Triangle.

By the way, the Decalburg DMA is both the Triad and Triangle …

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ThoseOneTrains ThoseOneTrains 6 April 2020

hey guys

i am back

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Amauryen17 Amauryen17 6 April 2020

Before You Hate On Mikoto League

So you think you can conceive that this page continued around the 1980s? Well, think so. If you could stop being hateful about Mikoto League, then take the lead. Mikoto League has to conceive stupid stuff and crap themselves out of our way. I thought this has to stop! Oh, how could be! Let me tell you the real story.......

In 2018, I decided to be a Fandom user when I first started using Fandom Wikis, but in 2019, Mikoto League has fallen to me and flew to me, being annoying. So in KEIT, they're still making Dallas Gunslingers but I could use that contain other stuff. I could use that stuff without making other stuff. In this world, what commitments are they meaning on? 

In 2020, KEIT became a Dallas Stars, Cowboys, Gunslingers, Dragons, Mav…

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AestheticEthan AestheticEthan 24 February 2020


I'm leaving FTVS until March 20.

It is due to my hefty schedule and on the 18-20 of March, we will be having our last exams.

Hopefully i can sometimes browse FTVS.


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DatPlanetEarth DatPlanetEarth 12 February 2020

Disabling my account.

Yep, I'm disabling my account on Fandom. I just can't go on anymore after the stuff that happened on Mihsign Vision and how I was harassed here. I guess Fandom wikis just aren't good for me.

—DatPlanetEarth, 2/12/2020

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Lucas Welter Lucas Welter 2 February 2020

Future LUCASRIO Stations

Hello, I'm thinking add more LUCASRIO affiliated stations.

For example:

  • Utica, NY
  • Fort Smith, AR
  • Toledo, OH
  • Lima, OH
  • Tri-Cities, TN
  • Chico, CA
  • Rockford, IL
  • Amarillo, TX
  • Tyler, TX
  • El Paso, TX
  • Albuquerque, NM
  • and more stations
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TimzUneeverse TimzUneeverse 2 February 2020

List of fictional cities created by me

  • Nextonville, Tennessee (that's where Carolyn Lenning lives!)
  • Liquine, Indiana
  • Texaville, Ohio
  • Lace Wilton (Lace Springs, Illinois/Wilton, Wisconsin)
  • Kernsville, Wisconsin
  • Jersey, Iowa/De Baume, Missouri
  • Winston, Kansas

If you missed any, feel free to post them in the comments.

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