• Weather1

    Sale of Berfield/Willis

    September 11, 2020 by Weather1

    Hello. I realize that I can no longer spend time here, so as a result, I am putting all assets of Berfield/Willis Broadcasting Corporation up for sale. Anyone that is interested may take the company as a whole, or in pieces. First come first serve.

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  • Jonofdoom

    Lake Hill is selling KRDS

    September 4, 2020 by Jonofdoom


    Lake Hill Broadcasting has decided to sell KRDS, which serves Sitka, Alaska. The sale does not include a the journalist team of 3 based at the station, as well as the building, because Lake Hill plans to retain the team and building to cover the area using a new station. We prefer to trade this station in exchange for another.

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  • Amauryen17

    Hey guys, just changed my profile picture. It's an earth!!!

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  • Amauryen17

    Hey, so Mayor Bottoms and Principal Ipock were fighting after she stopped her from texting and driving.

    If you see her, please call 911.


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  • Amauryen17

    What the heck?

    July 17, 2020 by Amauryen17
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  • The EAS Mapper

    Welcome to my new blog! The official blog for all things related to me and Best Television.

    So, let's get moving!

    FERDLZ99 was hacked overnight, by someone unknown. First changing the name to Ferdelx11, it was then changed to Ferdream8 in fear of the Ferdelx11 account being hacked as well. We could be hacked at any stage too.

    The Comedy Theory is Best Television's latest show, showing at 8:30PM every day on Best One, and a double episode every weekend at 4AM on Best Two. Run time (per episode): 30 min. Rating: MA 15+ (Australia), 16 (NZ) for Coarse Language, Adult Themes and S*xual Refrences. Genre: Adult Animation.

    Conciding with the start of The Comedy Theory's run, a new schedule will be implemented on the 29 June, making it a bit more real…

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  • Jonofdoom

    Hello! After a bit of a leave I am back and ready to continue on here! With that, I’m looking to purchase a few stations to expand Lake Hill. If you have a station you don’t need anymore, tell me by replying. I look forward to your replies.

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  • SpartanRadiocastingFan

    From the mind of SpartanRadiocastingFan, I have created a mock graphics package, inspired by Linear Drift's fantastic work! This package, is what I will call the KRBK/WSYR/KTVX hybrid package! It may sorta look like Nexstar, but any non-NMG station can use it for its on-air news identity, regardless of station ownership!

    Here are some of the samples of the package. Please note, it's still a work in progress, so bare with me!

    Feel free to chime in, I encourage welcomed constructive criticism!

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  • Weather1

    Same rules as before. Take as many as you like!

    • KDGS 14 Independent Sierra Vista/Douglas AZ (sold to User:Logomaster210)
    • KFUF-TV 21 MNT Chico/Redding CA (sold to User:Kruejac)
    • KRON 4 DBC San Francisco CA
    • KGGB 30 MundoDBC San Francisco CA
    • KGNR 10 UPN El Paso TX (sold to User:Kruejac)
    • KTTX 69 MNT El Paso TX (sold to User:Kruejac)
    • KHBE-TV 4 Independent Hot Springs AR (sold to User:Logomaster210)
    • KHEM 11 Telemundo Santa Fe/Albuquerque NM
    • KVVE 50 Univision Albuquerque/Santa Fe NM
    • KHNC-TV 11 Independent Honolulu HI (sold to User:Kruejac)
    • KIIX 56 Independent San Fiero SA
    • KSFE 5 CBS San Fiero SA
    • KIMS 18 Import Seattle WA (sold to User:Logomaster210)
    • KLCN 34 RDN Lincoln NE
    • KLEG 9 TNT Great Bend/Hays KS
    • KDZA 67 JWTV Flagstaff AZ
    • KCVA 9 RDN Bakersfield CA
    • KBKF 42 Telemundo B…
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  • Logomaster210

    Yep, im back. Its been a long time since im not editing majorly here.

    I have seen new users and thank you for contributing alot to this wiki.

    Today, I can buy and sell stations from Trinome Media, my fictional tv company.

    To all Filipinos there, major TV networks here doesnt exist. We are still thinking how can we make the major tv networks canon. But as of today, make them as non canon for now.

    Thank you and long time no see guys!

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  • Weather1

    Additional stations for sale. Same rules as before. Take as many as you like!

    • KKXT 6 NBC San Luis Obispo CA (Sold to User:GCServerNetwork)
    • KAWA 4 Independent Dallas TX (Sold to User:AestheticEthan)
    • KBJE 43 CW Monroe LA
    • KBJN 43 JWTV Phoenix AZ
    • KLEG 9 TNT Great Bend/Hays KS (Sold to User:Logomaster210)
    • KRHKZ 1 YesNet San Antonio TX
    • KQXS 67 UniMas San Antonio TX (Sold to User:GCServerNetwork)
    • KYMA-TV 38 MundoDBC Yuma/El Centro CA AZ
    • KCJT 65 UniMas Yuma/El Centro CA AZ (Sold to User:GCServerNetwork)
    • KUVJ-TV 26 Univision Yuma/El Centro CA AZ (Sold to User:GCServerNetwork)
    • KCBI 69 YesNet Yuma/El Centro CA AZ (Sold to User:Logomaster210)
    • KCGY-TV 23 MundoDBC Lubbock TX
    • WTSI 54 MundoDBC New Orleans LA
    • KCNF 5 UniMas Fresno CA (Sold to User:GCServerNetwork)
    • KUVF 50 Uni…
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  • Jonofdoom

    Hello! As you may have noticed, Lake Hill Broadcasting has started Newsfix, a new 24/7 news network launched in February. As such, we are looking for affiliates. This can be on a subchannel or main channel. Branding is easy, and can be done in minutes. Interested in affiliating? Let me know below!

    Thank you!

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  • Weather1

    The following stations owned by Berfield/Willis Broadcast Corporation are for sale on a first come, first serve basis. Stations can be claimed in the comment box below. This is stage 1 of a multi-stage sale of multiple stations by Berfield/Willis. Stay tuned for additional acquisition opportunities

    • WALA 10 Fox Ridgecrest, AL (Sold to Lake Hill Broadcasting)
    • KCAK 7 Argosy Network Cicely, AK (Sold to Lake Hill Broadcasting)
    • KAGC 5 NBC Anchorage, AK (Sold to Lake Hill Broadcasting)
    • KAKQ 3 American Broadcast Network Anchorage, AK (Sold to Lake Hill Broadcasting)
    • KRDS 14 Rainbow Dash Network Sitka, AK (Sold to Lake Hill Broadcasting)
    • KAHC 13 YesNet Phoenix, AZ
    • KMCK 17 CW Phoenix, AZ (Sold to MediaCast, LLC/Lake Hill Broadcasting)
    • KAZQ-TV 12 Independent Phoenix…
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  • SpartanRadiocastingFan

    Well, I've haven't done that many blog posts for a while, but however it has occurred to me that I should design DMA maps for fictional markets, and decided to give it my best shot. My first DMA map that I have created, is for the Decalburg market. It goes beyond the inner area and the market not just serves Decalburg anymore, but it also serves Reeseville, which is the county seat of....... Resetti County! It also serves Onley, Goomba City, and Fuerza Carranza!

    By seeing the map, the Decalburg/Reeseville/Goomba City/Onley/Fuerza Carranza designated market area serves 23 counties!

    Since WLAL is the NBC affiliate of the DMA, it would mirror real-life station WRAL in the NC Triangle.

    By the way, the Decalburg DMA is both the Triad and Triangle …

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  • 6TrainYT

    hey guys

    April 6, 2020 by 6TrainYT

    i am back

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  • Amauryen17

    So you think you can conceive that this page continued around the 1980s? Well, think so. If you could stop being hateful about Mikoto League, then take the lead. Mikoto League has to conceive stupid stuff and crap themselves out of our way. I thought this has to stop! Oh, how could be! Let me tell you the real story.......

    In 2018, I decided to be a Fandom user when I first started using Fandom Wikis, but in 2019, Mikoto League has fallen to me and flew to me, being annoying. So in KEIT, they're still making Dallas Gunslingers but I could use that contain other stuff. I could use that stuff without making other stuff. In this world, what commitments are they meaning on? 

    In 2020, KEIT became a Dallas Stars, Cowboys, Gunslingers, Dragons, Mav…

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  • AestheticEthan


    February 24, 2020 by AestheticEthan

    I'm leaving FTVS until March 20.

    It is due to my hefty schedule and on the 18-20 of March, we will be having our last exams.

    Hopefully i can sometimes browse FTVS.


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  • DatPlanetEarth

    Disabling my account.

    February 12, 2020 by DatPlanetEarth

    Yep, I'm disabling my account on Fandom. I just can't go on anymore after the stuff that happened on Mihsign Vision and how I was harassed here. I guess Fandom wikis just aren't good for me.

    —DatPlanetEarth, 2/12/2020

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  • Lucas Welter

    Hello, I'm thinking add more LUCASRIO affiliated stations.

    For example:

    • Utica, NY
    • Fort Smith, AR
    • Toledo, OH
    • Lima, OH
    • Tri-Cities, TN
    • Chico, CA
    • Rockford, IL
    • Amarillo, TX
    • Tyler, TX
    • El Paso, TX
    • Albuquerque, NM
    • and more stations
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  • TimzUneeverse
    • Nextonville, Tennessee (that's where Carolyn Lenning lives!)
    • Liquine, Indiana
    • Texaville, Ohio
    • Lace Wilton (Lace Springs, Illinois/Wilton, Wisconsin)
    • Kernsville, Wisconsin
    • Jersey, Iowa/De Baume, Missouri
    • Winston, Kansas

    If you missed any, feel free to post them in the comments.

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  • The EAS Mapper

    Well, someone else that's not me did an edit. I'm not complaining, it's only a cleanup, but now, my tv station might get some traction. I made the full guide for Best One, and now I'm working on Best Two. Eventually, I'll get all the stations done in all countries. Who knows what will happen to my channel at this point? At milestones for points, I'll do more blog posts. This is a February update - about how I'll get traction. The main topic will be the title. Get ready for the March update - coming Febuary 25 (AEDT), because it's my birthday!

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  • Jenna Glenwood

    Leaving the Wiki

    January 29, 2020 by Jenna Glenwood

    I'm leaving the FTVS Wiki.

    Between the kids who can't write an article properly and spammers like ScummiestoftheBoBs trying to get me in trouble (and Rebafan25 accepting), I feel like this wiki just isn't fun anymore. I request for every edit I ever made to be deleted and I will now switch to Dream Fiction Wiki to write TV articles (because that wiki's a better TV wiki). I will also start a fanon wiki on Miraheze.

    Goodbye, once decent wiki.

    —jG (talk) 15:43, January 29, 2020 (UTC)

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  • GCServerNetwork

    Bad news...

    January 26, 2020 by GCServerNetwork
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  • ClichéVibes

    3 Twitters

    January 17, 2020 by ClichéVibes
    • ClichéVibes (@TheTrueCV)
    • So This is Cartoon Network (@SoThisIsCN)
    • Saying Random Words (@SRWbyTheTrueCV)

    Check 'em out.

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    Google Slides

    January 10, 2020 by NETBLOXIA

    I will now be using a Google Slides file for most of my screen pictures.

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  • ClichéVibes

    D I S C L A I M E R
    This is not a rant and I am not trying to offend anyone. If this offends you, I'm sorry, I did not mean to. Also, the "not making anything" part does not include being TheRoyG's partner.

    1. Unnecessary U.S. territories. Mushroom Kingdom, Equestria, Minecraftia, etc. Those would fare better as countries. Also, I do not see the point in adding GTA states, because those are literally replacements for real life U.S. states.
      • For some reason, the Philippines and Singapore are U.S. territories on this wiki. Don't ask me why; I dunno.
        • There are more affiliates of American networks in the Philippines than Philippine networks. Again, don't ask me why.
    2. 300CoolGuy's stuff exists.
    3. WEAZEL is a Fox parody, so why are there WEAZEL affiliates and Fox …

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  • ClichéVibes

    Bad FTVS Wiki Ripoff

    January 4, 2020 by ClichéVibes

    I found some really bad FTVS Wiki ripoff.

    This wiki is full of stupid/toxic spam about Romania, stupid fake countries, and disrespectful administrators. Also, editing gets you blocked, even though it's a wiki for making stuff. I'm going to contact VSTF Wiki to get that wiki closed.

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  • Jenna Glenwood

    Issues with 300CoolGuy

    December 31, 2019 by Jenna Glenwood

    These are just things I highly disliked about , who is now blocked.

    He uses a rather broken English. Like for example, this is what someone else would say:

    Next Channel is an American television company founded on May 22, 1998. It is based in San Antonio, Texas, United States and is owned by Next Channel Holdings.

    He would say:

    Next Channel is a American television company founded in 22 May 1998. It is headquarters in San Antonio, United States and owned with Next Channel Holdings.

    Which brings me to my next point:

    I get if something was Swedish or French or something and it said 22 May 1998. But it's American and it says 22 May 1998, that needs to be corrected to say May 22, 1998.

    My biggest gripe about him is trying to make the wiki about him. Like makin…

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  • Jenna Glenwood


    December 28, 2019 by Jenna Glenwood

    A report by Jenna Glenwood.

    (f.k.a. ) started TV, a generically named free-to-air channel dedicated to several program genres.

    Not ****ing kidding, this brought up a **** load of controversy. Several users, including me, were not happy about it being the first and the best. Not sure about everyone else, but I was mad because the "best" thing was biased, and NBC was the first TV channel in the world, and a lot of stations on here being American, this was... and is... a big deal.

    Not too long later, 300CoolGuy created sockpuppets , , , , , (which was not and never was official), and even JohnSmith300 (an account that was never used on this wiki) to make the Not-The-Fictionaltvstations Wiki and Not-the-Fictionaltvstations returns Wiki (both of …

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  • 300CoolGuy

    This is an apology message to NETBLOXIA, ClichéVibes, Jenna Glenwood, Thefunnyperson9 and DatPlanetEarth.

    I would like to say sorry for the actions, what we did and I'm also sorry for swearing, sockpuppeting (or starting the hate-wiki) and being childish and also I can also speak perfect english but I can't write good english, then you guys.

    Please don't block me, I promise that I won't start another drama, or vandalizing pages again. (and also NETBLOXIA can you unblock me from Fictionaltvstations 2 Wiki).

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  • 300CoolGuy

    Good news.

    December 25, 2019 by 300CoolGuy

    MISTAKE: It's supposed to name, Good or Bad News.

    I have reported to the staff about the dramas

    • JohnSmith300
    • Gterregteergte
    • TheKidnapperSML
    • Solider200 (the founder of Not-the-Fictionaltvstations Wiki)
    • DinosaurGoody (probably the fake verison of Dino from Cupcake & Dino: General Services, but he is still cool).

    • Me (but I will create my third account, along with FunnyHappy and 300CoolGuy).
    • ClichéVibes
    • Thefunnyperson9
    • Jenna Glenwood

    • DatPlanetEarth
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  • ClichéVibes

    The Wrong and the Right

    December 25, 2019 by ClichéVibes

    Bullying is absolutely not right. Neither is users' sock puppetry or calling out users for being able to handle situations in a mature manner.

    Insulting a moderator. Complaining about the admin. Failing to roast me. This is all out of control.

    It should be obvious of what can be called wrong, and what can be called right. Can you guess?


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  • 300CoolGuy

    You know what?

    December 25, 2019 by 300CoolGuy

    I will quit this wiki because of dramas, don't adopt any of my pages, because its going to be deleted and many pages are moved to Creation Wiki and Idea Wiki.

    because NETBLOXIA, Thefunnyperson9, Jenna, DatPlanetEarth, Logomaster25 and ClichéVibes are lying about me, and NETBLOXIA starts to be more worse, and Rebafan25 seems don't care with me, anymore.

    and Ootwar owns RKO Network and RKO Holdings, not NETBLOXIA. 

     There is a lot more request spammer.

    Well, I hate this wiki and I don't want to see NETBLOXIA, Thefunnyperson9, Jenna, DatPlanetEarth, Legomaster25 and ClichéVibes anymore, I thought this wiki was good, and turned bad and I will don't want see NETBLOXIA, Thefunnyperson9, Jenna, DatPlanetEarth, Legomaster25 and ClichéVibes again.

    Goodbye forev…

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  • Jenna Glenwood

    Blocking 300CoolGuy

    December 25, 2019 by Jenna Glenwood

    This poll has been closed.

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  • Jenna Glenwood


    December 24, 2019 by Jenna Glenwood

    Why is 300CoolGuy not blocked?

    I'm just wondering because he started doing the following:

    • abusing multiple accounts
    • swearing at pretty much everyone on this wiki
    • using those spam accounts to start a two-wiki war
    • throwing a tantrum about being exposed
    • literally hating the wiki has a whole
    • not being able to take reasonable criticism
    • calling people "idiots" or "fucking psychological jerks" just because of that same reasonable criticism
    • having a random grudge against NETBLOXIA
    • having a random grudge against Thefunnyperson9
    • having a random grudge against DatPlanetEarth
    • having a random grudge against Rebafan25
    • having a random grudge against Logomaster210
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  • Lucas Welter

    WSDC to GamerCraft

    December 24, 2019 by Lucas Welter

    Premiere Media announced would sell Independent station WSDC in Birmingham, AL to GamerCraft Broadcast Group, becoming a sister station of LUCASRIO affiliate(former O&O) WTCL-TV.

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    Spammer Issue

    December 24, 2019 by NETBLOXIA

    This spam is out of control; the Not-The-Fictionaltvstations Wiki was even brought back as Not-the-Fictionaltvstations returns Wiki.

    Honestly, I think the user behind all this is none other than 300CoolGuy himself.

    I remember a time on Minecraft Creepypasta Wiki where a user called Spakutsi started spamming and X-Inbox started drama and kept making a big deal out of it. It was then revealed that X-Inbox was Spakutsi. (So maybe he's also the request spammer.)

    300CoolGuy is making a big, overdramatic deal over the Not-The-Fictionaltvstations Wiki (

    Also, please notice that they use the same broken English as 300CoolGuy (except for Getinthevan01, who is probably someone else).

    And note that they all complain a lot…

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  • Thefunnyperson9

    Hey 300CoolGuy...

    December 24, 2019 by Thefunnyperson9

    How did you type backwards words on your Reverse (country) and Toonami (Reverse) pages?

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  • AestheticEthan

    Soo.. i’ve had now the permission to take over Kenny Broadcasting’s operations, and to acquire their stations. This also makes my biggest acquisition since Kenny owns 50+ stations. I’ve sold 10 stations meanwhile tho GamerCraft Broadcast Group and 1 to Trinome Media.

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  • GCServerNetwork

    New acquisitions!

    December 22, 2019 by GCServerNetwork

    GBG's getting bigger.
    The company has acquired a commercially licensed PBS station in Yelpson, PA from Yelpson University, as well as 10 of the former stations of Kenny Broadcasting. You would say that they are owned by Tribune/Nexstar, Sinclair, Graham, but no! They're not on the pages of their "owners". Here are the following stations:

    • KFXX 5 St. Paul, MN - Fox
    • KBII 2 Scottsbluff, NE - CBS
    • KII 2 Waco, TX - NBC
    • WCB 4 Bloomington, IL - NBC
    • KQWK 11 Chickasha, OK - ABC
    • WKVE 7 Knoxville, TN - ABC
    • KYOU 13 Joplin, MO - CBS/MyNetworkTV
    • WAU 58 Augusta, GA - Fox/UPN
    • WCBN 4 (or 46) Jackson, MS - NBC/The CW
    • WMCS 6 Portland, ME - NBC/Fox

    Oh yeah! The PBS station? That will become a CBS affiliate by the New Year, reverting back to its old WYLP call letters.


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  • GCServerNetwork

    After merging with Craftsman last May, GBG still is relatively small, with only three stations and outside mainland United States. GBG is seeking acquiring any station that's for sale or merging with another company. Just let me know what to buy and/or merge. -Red Gordonia President, Chairman and CEO of GamerCraft Broadcast Group

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    Issues with Call Letters

    December 19, 2019 by NETBLOXIA

    I wish everyone could stop using K and W callsigns for foreign countries and areas. I'm working on a cleanup, and I want everyone to cleanup these call letters. This is too much.

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  • Jenna Glenwood


    December 18, 2019 by Jenna Glenwood
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  • PrimeRogue

    CNP Television Wiki

    December 17, 2019 by PrimeRogue

    Though KRI is gone for good, he left a legacy of his greatest creation in the CNP Television Network by founding a new Wiki. You can visit it here:

    KRI himself has finally redeemed himself, for real this time. We hope you have fun editing in CNP wiki as much as you have fun editing in this wiki. We owe him an apology.

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  • Jenna Glenwood


    December 17, 2019 by Jenna Glenwood

    That WeirdCube kid who got the global ban has suddenly returned to the wiki as WeirdCube2.

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    December 15, 2019 by NETBLOXIA

    I'm trying to survive unnecessary drama.

    That kid DonaldoC1997 got mad about RKO Network ownership and kept talking about how he has another account called an Ootwar that he uses for the network... even though I'm pretty sure that's someone elses account. He also lied about me lying and told me to burn in hell(?)

    Why can I never go anywhere on the Internet without some dumb fight going on or someone trying to drag me all the way down to their level.

    I just want piece, but if someone won't respect me, I don't wanna put up with it. 😤


    I think I will make a YT video showcasing the stupidity if that kid's insults

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  • Rebafan25

    As of this moment, i am tired of seeing different users bicker and argue over who gets what network and ownership, this WILL stop now. Do i make myself clear? and also as of this moment, i will decide on who gets what and i will let you know what networks and ownerships you can get because i'm done seeing everyone argue and complain.

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  • Logomaster210

    Im making this blog to end the complaints about international affiliates.

    First of all, you can do international affiliates, but they are not O&Os. Instead, they are owned by another media group but not the network itself.

    Second of all, we (Ethan and GCServerNetwork) make international affiliates for more viewers, so more money.

    These are my suggestions. I don't know why you guys say "it doesn't make sense" and I said this alot of times, it is FICTIONAL.

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  • WeirdCube

    Azara Network is currently very much gone now, but it will come back under the control of me. It will be in every city; and will no longer be that unknown.

    However as of right now, Green Media is currently in the process of making a SBC affiliate in New York, as well as a NBS affiliate in the same old New York. 

    WNYO-TV already currently exists, and most of it is unknown, so the page will be redone into a News 12 station, and would have a date of June 2, 1994.

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