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• 12/25/2018

Font from CW's earliest day (just after TheWB/UPN merge)

Greetings, all. I'm new-ish to this community. I've contributed about a dozen logos or so. Would be glad to help further.

With that, could anyone here help identify a font?

Please take a look at...

...and then scroll down to screen grabs of promos under the heading "Summer 2006" -- just before The CW official launch. 

Do anyone here happen to know the names of the font seen in the screen grabs?

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• 12/17/2018

I'm new on FTVSW

Hi! I'm new here, and there's a new unexplored territory, Isla Nublar. Opting for affiliated channels. Everyone here recomend me something.

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• 7/7/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

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Have fun!
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• 10/17/2017
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• 6/27/2017

Rate The Song Above You Then Post Another

Just as the title says, rate the song posted above you then post another one. Since I'm the first one to start it, the silent song gets a 0/10 :P
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• 6/25/2017


Please post your newscasts for your stations just like they air on TV
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• 3/30/2017

Programming schedule request

i might be getting back into making programming schedules, so if anyone wants a programming schedule added, past or present, let me know!
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• 1/7/2017

From BJFR14

I've dealt with a lot of stress lately. From anonymous users, Kaylor Blakely screwing things up, Kogitsune putting up stupid anime horny-porny, and now this: a post on my message wall about a shooting in Fort Lauderdale at an airport. That put me over the edge. You probably had seen the long string of messages in the chat log if you had been on it earlier. If not, I will repeat them here.
First, a three-strike system is in effect for unnecessary content of non-explicit nature. On the thrid one, you'll be booted for a week.
Second, I had been on this site for nearly five years having to deal with stresses of this kind, but they don't compare to the personal stresses I'm dealing with now. I'd appreciate your help during this stressful time. I'm dealing with the health stress, my stepmother lost her boss after passing away and things aren't looking much better, my father has dealt with prostate cancer, a heart operation from an attack, and this latest one from a little over a month ago. 
I was very ticked off when I saw the PM on the shootings and that is what triggered my tirade in the chat box. I still feel a bit ticked off. I would really appreciate it if you can keep the real news crap off of our site and leave that to the pros like CNN, Drudge, FOX, and so on. 
I believe admins should conduct each other in a professional manner, but that wasn't the case today and I must apologize for this instance. It is not reflective of what DonaldoC1997 had in place a few years ago. I probably should have been a bit more diplomatic in handling the issue with the news post but I was not. That was my fault and I take full responsibility for this action. I hope you learn something from this experience today and not have a repeat of it in the future. I said at one point in the tirade on the live chat that I was this close to heading out of here for good because of the negative response from the news post on my wall. If it were to ever occur that I go, I want ABN to continue on and for Champion Digital Broadcasting to continue along with Fortner Digital Media Properties and Fortner-DeFontes Media Group. I will monitor this closely and let you know if something comes up.
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• 11/13/2016

just jokes

Something needs to happen in this borad so...just jokes
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• 9/17/2016

What do you think is the...

best tv news graphics and music?
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• 9/8/2016


I am new to this wiki, and I know quite a lot of tv things, but what exactly is repeating? I hear you can't do repeating on this wiki. Is it like simulcast stations (like 9&10 WWTV/WWUP in Cadillac and the Soo), or is it something else.
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• 8/15/2016

Should we

have awards for TV stations like from the associated press?
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• 8/2/2016

Shouldn't we do agreements with cable networks too

Like with the networks and stations?
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• 7/30/2016


I know the big 6 networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, The CW, and MyNetworkTV) use the Neilson Ratings. What if for the fictional networks (ABN, MyTV, QTV, KTV, RKO, DuMont, Omni, Acme, and DBC) have a rating system of their own? Or do you think that all the networks should fall under the Neilson Ratings?
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• 7/30/2016

General ABN affiliate discussion

I'm starting this ABN affiliate discussion as the head of Champion/ABN on FTVSW.
I guess a good place to start is doing a FictionalTVStations Wikia DMA ranking for the stations outside of the standard 210 markets. I've just revised the ABN affiliates listing with the DMA rankings and put about 50 blank FictionalTVStations Wikia DMA rankings. You can check that out and see the new ABN affiliates listing now ordered by DMA ranking from #1 New York City to #210 Glendive. 
So, I like to have your feedback on the FTVSW DMA rankings for the ABN stations. I like to have the top 50 rankings go from largest market to smallest market like the real Nielsen DMA rankings from 1-210.
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• 7/25/2016

General CBS affiliate Disscussion

This is where we can discuss CBS affiliate stuff.
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• 7/25/2016

General ABC affiliate Discussion

Am I the only one that has a problem with ABC being a subchannel? I just think that being a "Big 4 Network" ABC shouldn't have to be a subchannel.
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• 7/16/2016

Does anyone know?

What KPIX used for its news music from 2002-2007?
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• 7/5/2016

General Fox affiliate Discussion

Here is where we can chat about Fox affiliate stuff like affiliations, programming, issues, etc.
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• 11/9/2015

Project Nemesis: the Overall Arc

Because due to the rain and the pressure of the transgressions,
Project Nemesis is a top secret project for the government to trust the My Little Pony's Villains and to the benefits of all humankinds and our children alike.(reside the adversaries that the Ponies fought against in the past).
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